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Mar. 20th, 2010

After discovering that yet another of my favorite things to wear from last year doesn't fit, I have:

1. Decided that my weight gain is positive in that if I ever do follow up on that dream to become a derby girl, I'll be able to throw those ladies around like rag dolls. More than I would've before, anyway.

2. Decided that today I'm shopping. I probably won't actually buy anything. But I have a skirt that I love that I got recently and I want more like it. So I'm going to see if they exist en masse and if not, I might get a handheld sewing machine and make them (because they're so simple to do, even I could probably handle it...)

OK, I've been cooped up waaaaay too long and it's beautiful out. Time to go out, since I'll probably stay in tomorrow. Wah.

Mar. 7th, 2010

I am having the sort of morning that is just so unbelievably perfect and awesome that it wouldn't surprise me in the least if my parents called me to tell me they won the lottery.

I am bliss personified.

things I've done today:

-Ate breakfast
-Watched Avatar (the cartoon) & got addicted.
-Got woken up by bad roommate coming home to show the apartment
-Did dishes
-Listened to bad roommate bitch to potential roommates about how she's been cleaning up after me and Cydney to show the place (yeah, we spent the whole year cleaning up after your fat ass, so FUCK YOU.)
-Went to pick up my bike to find out the shop closed 2 1/2 hours early
-Went to pick up two prescriptions to find out the pharmacy failed, yet again, to fill one of them (and pretty much announced to everyone in the store what I was picking up. At least I get a new pharmacy with the move too.)
-Got a slurpee to make it up.
-Watched Legend of the Seeker when I ran out of Avatar. Got myself addicted.
-Got walked in on while sleeping by the girl who's taking my room.
-Called home and found out the moving issues have been mostly resolved (I might be without my bed and dresser for a few weeks, but no big deal.)
-Started packing my books.

And I'm sleeping again soon. I'm opening the store tomorrow, then coming home to pick up my bike and try to finish packing my room. Packing is so depressing.

Wednesday I'm trying to get up to Cambridge to check out a foreign language bookstore, trying to get a copy of Harry Potter in Spanish (and maybe another book for my brother. He needs cheering up right now.)


Aug. 22nd, 2009

It's going to be a looooong day. I'm betting I end up with a headache or I fall asleep in the car.

I can't sleep at night anymore. I figure my body will adjust in another day or two. I hope. Although I do keep getting to take naps, but then nothing gets done (and I really need to get the packing done. I want to have it done by next Thursday night so I can go see Jason in Somerville after work on Friday and go home on Saturday. I still need to call home and make those plans.)

I still can't believe I'm moving. Again.

OK. I have to get ready for work. I have to take the bus today (ugh) since my bike's in the shop, but at least if I catch the one I hope to, I have time to grab breakfast! Yay breakfast!

Aug. 14th, 2009


And not helping my obsessive crush on Eugene Hütz one bit.

I shall definitely be referring to everything as "premium" now!

Aug. 14th, 2009


I will never ever again agree to work 10 days in a row. EVER. DUMB. On an epic level.

I have a bag of junk food and fudgecicles in the freezer. I don't really plan on getting out of bed tomorrow.

IF I do, I'm going to do groceries at the Hi Lo and that's about it. Yeah. Big plans.

Also: Almost got doored on the way to work today on Beacon Street. Some bitch opened her door into the bike lane. Grr.

So that's two "almost" bike stories in a 24 hour span.

I realized I haven't gone anywhere not on a bike at least since the beginning of August.

And I haven't smoked in 5 months.

And I haven't seen the toxic ex in over a year.

So why am I so crazy? Oh, right, I just worked TEN FUCKING DAYS IN A ROW.

I don't think I'm getting enough protein in my diet. Anytime I go anywhere on the bike, my legs get tired within a few minutes. I'm worried. Wasn't this way at first. I figure I'm resting up tomorrow and not going anywhere at all and getting protein in my diet and we'll see how I am on Saturday. Otherwise, I'll bring it up with the doc on Wednesday. I'm not sure what to think of it.

This is a ramble. Time to put on another bad movie and pass the FUCK out.

Aug. 7th, 2009

Realtor cancelled on us tonight for signing the lease. All the better for me, since I've finally gotten all my shit together to go do my laundry, so I expect to be out until 8 and we were supposed to sign it at 7:30 and get some dinner.

So now I'm going to do laundry, come back, put it all away, finish the packing, and head over to Brookline to hang out with kitty Owen.

I'm only bringing the History of Graphic Design by Meggs to read over the next few days. I think once I finish it, I'm going to reread The Unbearable Lightness of Being again and see how much more I get. And maybe also Of Human Bondage.

But I also need to start focusing on learning Flash instead of leisure reading. School is back in session soon!


(PS: I hope I can get internet at the place I'm housesitting so if the Meggs gets dull I can work on Flash tutorials...)

Aug. 6th, 2009

$350 for a one-way ticket to Idaho.

Just sayin'.

Aug. 5th, 2009

How far do we think I can ride my bike in one go? Because Carson Beach sucked for swimming (great for the sunburn though...), and I want to get IN the water like right now.

There's Nantasket Beach in Hull that's supposed to be pretty good, and it's 20 miles away. Or there's Winthrop Beach which is 16. These are one-way. Think I can manage that? I figure it's shore riding, so it'll be fairly flat the entire way.

The alternative is to coalesce and get on the commuter rail and go up to Singing Beach in Manchester.

(Or look into the water taxi from downtown to Hull...)

Basically. Friday I want to go to the beach so bad.

Aug. 4th, 2009

So I had a bat in my apartment. Cydney called me from my room, sounding all scared. I come out, expecting a murder scene or something, only to find a bat flying circles around our living room. Now, bats don't really scare me except when they dive-bomb me. So I opened the back doors and started trying to catch the critter in a big cardboard box so I could let him out back. This ended up being me chasing him around the three rooms for about 20 minutes, opening all the screens, hoping he'd fly out a window on chance. Nope.

We finally chased him out to the back hallway, but he flew up the stairs instead of out the open door. (PS the entire time Cydney's freaking out to the point of shrieking if the bat even flies into the room she's in, which I find highly amusing and adorable). She ended up trapping him in the corner under her robe, but lost track of him. I saw he was sitting on the floor at her feet, and trapped him under tupperware while she got me a sheet of cardboard. Closed the doors behind me, and brought him to the railing and lifted the tupperware (I let him sit on the cardboard though, I wanted him to gain his bearings before flying off. And if he was too injured to fly we could've figured out a box or something to keep him in until morning and taken him to the MSPCA, but he was fine.)

Quite a funny episode for the evening.

I called my brother in the midst of it to ask what our mom had done to get the bats we've had in our house out, and he brought up my favorite movie (the Tiger in the Snow) that I conned him into watching, and he loved. So that was an extra dose of awesome. (The reference is that Benigni talks a bat into leaving his apartment when his daughters are freaking out. I tried that. It didn't work. I'm not nearly as charming as Benigni.)


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